15jan7:30 pm8:30 pmVirtual EventVIRUSMOTO (RU)electronic live act from Ekaterinburg

07jan7:30 pm8:30 pmVirtual EventIZABELLA EFFENBERG (PL)vibraphone and rare instrument player


03dec8:00 pm8:30 pmVirtual EventGLEB LASAREW (DE)electronic / modular livejam from Nürnberg


04nov7:45 pm8:30 pmAFTRCM (RU)Electronic / Experimental Duo from Moscow


22oct8:00 pm9:30 pmVirtual EventCINEMON (PL)Raw Pop/Vintage Rock from Cracow

17oct8:00 pm9:30 pmVirtual EventBORSCHTSCH FESTIVAL 2020a festival for russian & slavic hip-hop in germany

02oct7:15 pm7:30 pmVirtual EventSESTRA.Acoustic live performance in support for free Belarus


25sep8:00 pm9:30 pmVirtual EventACELL (DJ-SET)Non-mainstream electronic Music from Almaty

18sep7:00 pm9:00 pmVirtual EventRussian Poetry Slam Summer 2020Poetry Livestream (Russian)

17sep6:30 pm10:00 pmVirtual EventGLOBAL ART JAM

13sep3:45 pm4:00 pmVirtual EventVZLETNAYA ALMATY JAM

13sep3:15 pm3:30 pmVirtual EventMARTY CROWNSinger & songwriter

12sep8:00 pm9:30 pmVirtual EventQURSARINA (KZ)Acid, Breakbeat, Electro tunes.

12sep6:15 pm8:00 pmVirtual EventHISTORY OF UGLINESS by THEATER ARTISHOK (KZ)Site specific Performance

12sep5:45 pm6:00 pmVirtual EventNasia from AsiaJazz & soul from Kazakhstan

12sep5:00 pm5:30 pmVirtual Event#digitale_liebe from Almaty, KZExhibition opening & artist talk


10aug8:00 pm9:00 pmVirtual EventBORSCHTSCH Battle 2020 FinalHip-Hop Battle in Russian Language


23jul7:30 pm9:30 pmVirtual EventTrickster - "Legenden über den Hasen Winnebago"Audio/Visual Performance

10jul8:00 pm9:00 pmVirtual EventMUSTELIDE (BY)Female electronic producer Minsk/Berlin

10jul7:15 pm8:00 pmVirtual EventYegor Zabelov (BY)Innovative Akkordeon experiments from Minsk

10jul6:00 pm7:00 pmVirtual EventArt & Creativity Transforming BelarusMusic, Art & Creativity in Belarus


12jun8:00 pmVirtual EventKID JESUS (GE)Melancholic indiepop from Tbilisi

12jun7:15 pmVirtual EventGIORGI MARR (GE)Singer & Songwriter from Tbilisi


29may9:00 pmVirtual EventFLORINUTZ b2b ASKET (UA)DJ-Set by "Zhivot Club" Residents from Kharkiv

29may8:00 pmVirtual EventSIRAKUSY & LENOCZKA (UA)Audio/Visual hybrid performance

02may10:00 pm11:00 pmVirtual EventBlond 007Berlin-based techno DJ

02may9:00 pmVirtual EventSTANISLAV GLAZOVRussian-born, Berlin-based electronic music producer and visual artist

02may8:00 pmVirtual EventREX (BERLIN)Who is him ?

02may7:00 pmVirtual EventBEHROOZ MOOSAVI & MMARIAAudio & Visual Duo


24apr7:00 pm8:00 pmRUSSIAN POETRY SLAM

19apr9:00 pm"DickPic“Real conversations about sex, politics and love

19apr7:30 pm8:30 pmArti Girls - "Zwetajewa Telegram"A lyrical-musical-atmospheric performance dedicated to the russian poet Marina Zwetajewa

18apr10:00 pmIVAN LE MUTANT & S:KTechno & House Dj-Sets live from Nüremberg

18apr10:00 pm11:00 pmVirtual EventYnot RecordsNBG Techno

18apr9:00 pmSHUMA (BY)Ethno Electronica from Minsk

18apr8:00 pmVirtual EventLurmish (RU)Soulful Triphop from St.Petersburg

18apr6:30 pmDas WedroOne Woman Band from Nürnberg

17apr8:00 pmVirtual EventApanorama (DE)Electronic duo from Nuremberg

17apr6:30 pm7:30 pmVirtual EventOPENING & DIGITAL EXHIBITION